Saturday, May 30, 2009

our girls

Brian: I have always been raised around animals my whole life, and i love them in a lot of cases more than humans lol. I havent had too many animals, and i hope to get many more in my lifetime :) . When i was five i talked my parents into getting me a dog and at that age i was too young to care what kind so they got me a cocker spaniel. i dont really know what i was thinking of when i named her sally but sally it was. she followed me everwhere and we got so close. i remember when i was younger i used to get really depressed just thinking about what i would do when she dies and my parents would always tell me everyone has to die at some point and my child brain thought up an argument of course.... "but sallys so good why cant she just live forever". I have come to realize that i cannot stand to lose someone close to me. i had to learn that from losing my grandmother who i loved and still do love very much and i miss her still. :( . but anyways i have had sally all these years and that makes sally 16 years now. i also have snowball the himmilayan cat, and her son, bill. they are both close to ten years old i believe though im not really sure. those animals i did not take with me when i moved out and i missed having animals around so me and my wife started taking them in lol. my wife brought her terrier daisy eveywhere with us and so i wanted a little puppy too. i got rosie, a beagle/something mix. i have had rosie for close to a year now if not more. my wife had gotten a cat we named donna but when we let donna outside someone else took her in and we havent seen her since, I MISS U DONNA MUAH. then my wife got lexie the cocker, but unfortunately we had to give her aaway because we were about to have conner and lexie liked to jump on people too much so we found her a nice home. next we found shane, who very much resmebled daisy except the male version, we found him eating out of a trash can on the side of the road so we found him a nice home too. then i got roxie the rotty for my wife while she was pregnant with the full intentions of her becoming a great guard dog for my wife and son while i was at work u know? but roxie is a sweetheart and we raised her with love so shes a softie. if a robber came to our house all hed have to do is feed her and pet her and he could rob us of our own home lol. shes a great dog and a good learner though. next we got jacelyn the kitten to sort of fill that cat void in the house that we lost when donna left. i love jacelyn so much lol shes so playfull. then we found precious the cat in a kennel near a dumpster so we felt bad for her and took her in. thats our big happy family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in case anyone hasnt noticed i only like female animals for some odd reason, the only reason i accepted bill and shane were for reasons i didnt chose lol. but once i got used to them i loved them all the same. i still prefer female animals though, they have a better temperment to me.

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  1. Great blog -- I had't thought about it, but I think I tend to favor female animals as well.